Successfully training hundreds of families in and around the Bay Area, California, and the Phoenix-metro areas of Arizona, Sandra Elvenholl has been in business since 2003.
The goal for most families who begin any training program is to overcome their dog's common behavioral problems. Sandra takes the time to listen to her client's needs and goals, then puts together an effective training program custom made to meet each individual family's needs. Private & Group Classes focus on "real world" training so your dog will be a pleasure no matter where you decide to take him. All programs incorporate positive, firm, easy-to-follow training methods that are simple for both dog and owner to understand. Sandra believes when training is easy for the human, and makes sense to the dog, the two come together and can live "happily ever after." Her ultimate goal is to strengthen her client's relationship with their dog, allowing them to enjoy a family member that is a joy to share their lives with.

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